Explosives Courses


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Basic Track

Fundamentals of Explosives


Explosive Analysis & Safety      
Explosive Safety-Protocol  
 Aug. 29-30 (FL)
Fundamentals of Explosives for Technicians  


Fundamentals of Explosives for Military and LEOs    by special request only

Energetic Materials Behavior and Performance

Explosive Safety for Operators      
Stability, Compatibility & Surveillance      
Propellants & Combustion      
Detonation & DDT      
Explosive System Hazards

Explosive Applications

Dynamic Diagnostics of Explosives
Air Blast & Structural Response


Material Response Under Impulsive Loading
Explosive Devices & Firing Trains
Warhead Mechanics      
Field Instrumentation & Testing      

Explosive Chemistry

Terrorism Issues      
Environmental Issues with Explosives      
Laboratory Analysis & Forensics      
Material Characterization & Processing      
Standoff Explosive Detection      
Explosive Synthesis for Experts