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Basic Track

Fundamentals of Explosives


 Jun 27-29, 2017  May 2-4, 2017
Explosive Analysis & Safety     May 5, 2017
Explosive Safety-Protocol  
Fundamentals of Explosives for Technicians  


Fundamentals of Explosives for Military and LEOs    by special request only
Explosives Safety for Technicians      

Energetic Materials Behavior and Performance

Explosive Safety for Operators    Jul 24,25, 2017 Eglin AFB, FL  
Stability, Compatibility & Surveillance      
Propellants & Combustion      
Detonation & DDT      
Explosive System Hazards

Explosive Applications

Dynamic Diagnostics of Explosives
Jun 7,8, 2017 Los Alamos, NM  
Air Blast & Structural Response


Material Response Under Impulsive Loading
Explosive Devices & Firing Trains
Warhead Mechanics      
Field Instrumentation & Testing      

Explosive Chemistry

Terrorism Issues      
Environmental Issues with Explosives      
Laboratory Analysis & Forensics      
Material Characterization & Processing      
Standoff Explosive Detection      
Explosive Synthesis for Experts